Content division

We buy licensing rights to feature films, TV productions, special-interest programmes and children’s programmes, for instance at international film fairs such as AFM in Los Angeles, the Berlinale in Berlin, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Pusan International Film Festival (Korea) and at the various events in Cannes, including MIP-TV, MIPCOM and the Cannes Festival.


In addition, in the special-interest sector, we cooperate with renowned corporations (including the BBC). On a case-by-case basis, we also develop and produce films ourselves and have our own music catalogue.  


The licensing rights to feature films are usually acquired for a period of 15 to 20 years. In general, the contracts cover payment of minimum guarantees, which are then amortised to profit or loss in accordance with the exploitation chain. A shorter license period (2 to 5 years) is usually agreed for TV productions and special-interest programmes, and the license models are mainly based on sales-related, quarterly license remuneration.


Our film catalogue contains more than 1,500 film titles and represents an extensive collection from various genres: action, documentaries, horror/fantasy, TV series, comedy, children’s and family entertainment, health and fitness courses, drama and art-house.


Our film content is marketed across the value-added chain (cinema, home entertainment and TV), with a focus on German-speaking regions and the Benelux countries. 



Selected feature films and documentaries are exploited in the cinema. We usually release these films ourselves. Booking & billing (advert placement, booking and billing with the cinemas) is carried out by our cooperation partners, such as Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox of Germany and 24 Bilder Filmagentur. A cinema release generates increased publicity for a film, which generally has a positive impact on marketing in the subsequent exploitation stages of home entertainment and TV.


Home entertainment

Around four to six months after cinema release, the film is exploited in home entertainment, the most important exploitation stage for the Splendid Group. 


We are one of the main independent Blu-ray and DVD providers in German-speaking regions and one of the biggest retail suppliers in the home-entertainment sector. We cover all sales channels – online retailers, over-the-counter sales (chain stores, specialist distributors and retailers) and rental via video stores. In addition to our products, we carry out sales processing for many other partners inside and outside of Germany.


Several partnerships have put us in a strong position for the growing digital market, where customers can individually watch and download programmes via the Internet. In the VoD/EST sector, we market our content via all major Internet platforms as well as our own platform, videociety. As a content aggregator for iTunes, we also handle sales and the technical provision of film content for third-party providers.



Our customers include all major TV stations in German-speaking regions and the Benelux countries. Television exploitation of the film begins around six to eight months after the start of exploitation in home entertainment. In general, the film is first broadcast on pay TV, with transmission on free TV following around a year later. We sell our licenses for a contractually fixed period or for a contractually fixed number of broadcasts in a specific period. After expiry of the license agreement, the film is available for further exploitation in the TV sector (secondary exploitation).