Services division

High-quality services performed in-house

In the Services division, we are one of the leading companies in Germany and Europe with our dubbing and digital post-production services.


Our service companies provide dubbing, soundtrack post-production and digitisation services for Blu-ray and DVD productions and for VoD and EST marketing on the Internet. As well as ensuring a consistently high level of quality for our own films, our skills in the dubbing and digitisation of films and series are also much in demand from external customers.


Dubbing and soundtrack post-production of the films are carried out before the start of cinema, home entertainment and television exploitation. Digitisation of the film material for Blu-ray, DVD and VoD/EST goes hand in hand with this. In addition, we prepare the menus and generate extra content for the Blu-ray/DVD disc (making of, bonus material, games, etc.). Our vast technical expertise and long-standing business relationships with all major companies in the entertainment industry enable us to create further innovative applications for the media industry and enter new service segments. The development of the Group’s own VoD platform Videociety is largely down to this division’s expertise.