2006 Consolidated Financial Statements of Splendid Medien AG: growth in all segments, previous year figures surpassed by far

Press release - March 30, 2007

-Consolidated sales boosted by 23% to €24.9 million
-Group EBIT increased by 21% to €2.3 million
-Group annual net profit increased by 38% to €2.9 million
-Earnings per share at €0.30
-Solid balance sheet structure with a high liquidity (€10.7 million)
-Further growth planned

(Cologne, 30 March 2007) - Splendid Medien AG, Cologne, generated 23% growth in consolidated sales in fiscal 2006, reaching €24.9 million (prior year: €20.3 million). Group earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) also posted significant growth of 21%, from €1.9 million in 2005 to €2.3 million in 2006. The EBIT margin stands at 9.2%. The Group even succeeded in boosting its annual net profit by 38% to €2.9 million (2005: €2.1 million). The earnings per share amount to €0.30 (prior year: €0.22). Hence the company has posted figures that exceed the previous year’s figures by far. The most important business division was Home Entertainment with a 77% share in the total sales revenues. The Post-production division came second with a 13% share in sales before the Licence Trade division with a 10% share in sales.

The Group likewise succeeded in sharply increasing its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) from €4.9 million to €7.4 million. The Group’s earnings before tax (EBT) reached €2.0 million (2005: €1.9 million). The earnings situation in 2006 was largely influenced by the good performance in all segments.

At €19.1 million, the Home Entertainment business division achieved a 22% growth in sales compared to the previous year (2005: €15.6 million). The Post-production division also succeeded in continuing the positive trend in recent years by posting sales growth to €3.2 million (2005: €2.7 million). The Licence Trade division boosted sales by 25% to €2.5 million (2005: €2.0 million).

The Company’s equity stood at €15.3 million at the balance sheet date (2005: €12.3 million). The liquid funds amounted to €10.7 million (prior year: €7.7 million).

The Group invested €7.6 million in the film library in the past fiscal year (prior year: €3.3 million). High investments are also planned for fiscal 2007.

The Splendid Group is expecting further growth in sales in the fiscal year 2007, coupled with an increase in the operating profit before tax.

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