AMAZIA – first-class cinema from the Far East with new highlights

Press release - July 02, 2008

(Cologne – 02.07.2008) – For a good year, AMAZIA – the epitome of premium movies from the Far East – has been enriching fans’ lives with an impressive range of films. Now Splendid Film GmbH, Cologne, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG, Cologne, the company behind the successful label, has further titles in the pipeline for AMAZIA.

The absolute highlight is Ong Bak II, the sequel to the hugely successful Thai box office hit Ong Bak and once again featuring martial arts superstar Tony Jaa in an epic masterpiece in which he combines a diverse range of martial arts: real fight is back!!!
Total physical commitment can also be expected from Shaolin Girl, a Stephen Chow production (Kung Fu Hustle) featuring Japanese superstar Kou Shibasaki (Dororo).
In An Empress and the Warriors, action director Ching Siu Tung (Hero, In the Name of the King) has Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen and Leon Lai crossing swords.
In the Oriental Western The Good, The Bad and the Weird, a homage to Sergio Leones’ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, outstanding film director Kim Jee-won skilfully stages action specialists Jung Woo-sung (The Restless) as The Good and Lee Byung-hun (Bittersweet Life) as The Bad. The film was presented at this year's Cannes Film Festival.
Next on the list is Opapatika, a mystical power that makes its possessors virtually unconquerable – as long as they stay alive. This film was recently nominated for various awards, including the Asian Film Award.
Further new AMAZIA titles are the current action comedy Dachimawa Lee by South Korean director Ryoo Seung-wan (City of Violence, Arahan), who has received several awards, notably at Cannes, the swordplay epic The Divine Weapon and Playboy Cops by Hong Kong action film specialist Jingle Ma with the new Hong Kong shooting star Shawn Yue.

Some of the films are in production or post-production and will be released by Splendid Film from the end of 2008. In addition to the high-quality visual effects, all titles are also coming out with a wide range of extras.

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