Implementation of a share buy-back programme

Veröffentlichung nach WpHG - October 30, 2008

(Cologne, 30 October 2008) – The Management Board of Splendid Medien AG, Cologne, ISIN DE0007279507 has decided, with the agreement of the Supervisory Board, to utilise the authorisation granted at the Annual General Meeting of 10 June 2008 to buy back own shares. Up to 10% of the shares (978,999 shares) in the company are to be re-acquired. The Management Board would like to be in a position to offer shares in Splendid Medien AG as a counter-performance when acquiring other companies. The share buy-back is to be carried out via trading on the Deutsche Börse AG. The Management Board reserves the right to buy share packages, including in off-board trading, subject to the conditions stated in the authorisation granted at the Annual General Meeting.

The buy-back takes place in accordance with the authorisation granted by the Annual General Meeting of 10 June 2008 and in line with legal regulations. The buy-back shall take place under the direction of a securities bank.

This share buy-back programme will begin on 3 November 2008 and finishes no later than 9 December 2009. The Management Board will report regularly on the progress of this programme via the Splendid Medien AG website.

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