Kids for Kids becomes Early Learning Group

Press release - June 28, 2010

(Hamburg/Cologne – 28.06.2010) – With immediate effect, Kids for Kids GmbH will now operate under the name Early Learning Group GmbH. The new name is intended to highlight the purpose of the company. The company’s headquarters remain in Hamburg. As before, the company is managed by Alexander Welzhofer and Sebastian Gutmann. The Early Learning Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG, Cologne.

The Early Learning Group is the creator of the Ben & Bella brand that has established itself in the area of preschool education. It designs, manufactures and markets a diverse range of Ben & Bella products throughout the world and across all stages of the value chain.

It is at nursery and preschool age that our capacity to absorb is at its greatest. The brain grows faster and more extensively than at any other time. Investments in education at this time of life lay the foundation for a successful future and generate high economic returns. The products of the Early Learning Group aim to open up additional horizons and opportunities in life for children throughout the world.

Ben & Bella products, presented by two endearing cartoon characters, consist of a diverse spectrum of media: DVDs, books, CDs and interactive games form the core of the product range. Children aged between two and six explore new realms of knowledge in a playful and very entertaining manner (immersion theory). The Discover English with Ben & Bella product range currently on offer enables two to six-year-old children to experience and discover English as their first foreign language.

Owing to the limited reading and writing abilities of this age group, Ben & Bella products differ markedly from conventional edutainment products. The children absorb the learning contents in an audiovisual manner, e.g. by seeing an object and at the same time hearing the matching word (contextualisation). Pedagogical benefits and verifiable learning results coupled with a high entertainment value provide Ben & Bella with a unique market position throughout the world.

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