Kids for Kids partners with Encyclopaedia Britannica

Press release - March 29, 2007

(Hamburg/Cologne, 29.03.2007) – Kids for Kids GmbH, a member of the Splendid Group, has concluded a wide-ranging licensing agreement with the acclaimed American publishing house ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA. In cooperation with Britannica, the children's educational programme 'Discovering English with Ben & Bella' developed by Kids for Kids will now be published in Korea by the end of the year. The agreement signed by the two companies also envisages an expansion of their collaboration into other countries.

'Discovering English with Ben & Bella' teaches English to children aged 3 and up in a simple and playful manner. The six DVDs already on sale on the German-speaking market quickly and easily familiarise small children with hundreds of English terms. This innovative education programme, which requires neither previous experience of the English language nor any reading or writing skills, is primarily lots of fun and brings almost instant success.

The collaboration with ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, one of the foremost publishing houses in the world, will enable Kids for Kids to supplement its existing 'Ben & Bella' product portfolio with a clearly structured, 18-episode multilevel language acquisition programme based on the DVDs currently available on the German market. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA will mainly market 'Ben & Bella' through its existing sales channels.

"With Splendid Medien’s Kids for Kids division, we have found a partner that understands the needs of the market and how to exceed those needs. We believe that together Britannica – with its expertise in product development and design – and Splendid Medien – with its creative approach to the production of educational videos – can create exciting products that will have lasting value to both companies and to customers everywhere," said Michael Ross, Senior Vice President and Education GM of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

The name "Kids for Kids" has been synonymous with high-quality educational materials for children and families since 1999. The licensed programme 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' is popular with young and old alike. 'Discovering English with Ben & Bella' is an innovative and entertaining language acquisition tool developed by the company specifically for very young children. The company's managing director is Alexander Welzhofer.

Hamburg-based Kids for Kids GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG of Cologne.

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