New comedy highlights from Splendid Film

Press release - October 16, 2007

(Köln – 16.10.2007) – Good entertainment with chaotic new comedies: Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Ally McBeal), Rob Schneider (50 first Dates, Rent a Man, The Animal) and David Carradine (Kung Fu) will keep viewers in good humour in Splendid Film's summer 2008 programme.

Splendid Film GmbH, of Cologne, a wholly-owned subsid­iary of Splendid Medien AG, of Cologne, will market the successor to the worldwide hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the comedy My Life in Ruins, in German-speak­ing countries. The star, Nia Vardalos, will not be celebrat­ing a crazy wedding this time, but conquering Greek antiquity as a tour guide. She is supported by the same successful team of producer Tom Hanks as in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Another highlight of the new Splendid Film releases is Watching the Detectives, with the compelling Hollywood beauty Lucy Liu. She will be sweeping the men off their feet as usual as a femme fatale…

Big Stan is about a small-time con man (Rob Schneider) who, for fear of what the other inmates may do to him in prison, hires a mysterious kung-fu guru (David Carradine) to turn him into an invincible martial-arts master. The script is by Josh Lieb (The Simpsons), and comedy special­ist Rob Schneider is the star, producer, and director, all in one.

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