Splendid Film opens subsidiary in Benelux

Press release - May 10, 2016

(Cologne – 10 May 2016) – Splendid Film GmbH, a subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG, Cologne, has opened a distribution company for cinema and home entertainment sales in the Benelux countries. Splendid Film BV, headquartered in Amsterdam, will start its operations on      1 June. The managing director will be the experienced Splendid salesperson in Benelux, Andrew Ernster.

With his eight-member team, Ernster will in future release up to 15 films in cinemas a year with Splendid Film BV, including local films. The selection will cover a broad range from action, thriller, drama and family entertainment right up to art house. The current film pipeline includes the action thriller "Sleepless Night" with Jamie Foxx, "Blood Father" with Mel Gibson and the literature adaptation "American Pastoral" by and with Ewan McGregor, also starring Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Connelly.

Andrew Ernster has been running the sales activities of Splendid Film GmbH in the Benelux countries for many years now, and the established market position and reputation of Splendid in the Benelux countries are largely due to him. In addition to taking over the theatrical releases, the company will, as in previous years, carry out home entertainment sales (DVD, Blu‑Ray, VoD) for Splendid products, as well as marketing films for third-party partners. Cinema exploitation for Belgium will be carried out in collaboration with the local partner KFD.

Andrew Ernster: “The founding of an independent local company is a consistent continuation of our activities in Benelux. This step enables us to appropriately respond to the developments due to the growing theatrical market in Benelux, our excellent connections in the branch, and our sales skills in home entertainment.”

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