Splendid Film with Top-Sellers from Japan

Press release - September 28, 2006

(Cologne – 28. September 2006) – Splendid Film GmbH, Cologne, a 100% subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG, Cologne, has acquired this year's most successful Japanese real-film production, the sci-fi thriller "Sinking of Japan" along with the Manga film "Dororo". Splendid Film owns all the rights for the German language and the Benelux countries.

On its launch date in mid 2006, the "Sinking of Japan", the remake of the cult film of the same name produced in the 60s, soared immediately to top place in the Japanese cinema charts and could only be pushed out of pole position by "Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl". Since then, the thriller's box office take has doubled the amount spent on production costs. Currently the disaster story with a 25 million dollar budget remains among the top 10 hits at Japanese cinemas.

"Dororo", written by the "God of all mangas", Osamo Tezuka, promises to be just as big a hit. The real filming of the cult manga of the same name, a fantasy sword-fighting époque, is currently still in post production and is expected to be finished at the end of this year.

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