Splendid Medien AG: Enteractive Presents First HD DVD Game Worldwide

Press release - August 24, 2007

Hamburg, Germany, 24.08.2007 – With "Sudokia" on HD DVD, the Hamburg based company Enteractive GmbH, a member company of the Splendid Group, Cologne, continues its pioneering spirit in the DVD business by developing the first interactive game worldwide for the new High-Definition Disc Formats. Enteractive Entertainment, a division of the company, develops and produces games for the new optical media HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
With its product strategy, Enteractive Entertainment paves the way for a new market in electronic games, beyond the conventional video game consoles, hand-helds, and computers.

"Sudokia" can be played by up to five players on HD DVD and Blu-ray players using a remote control. "Sudokia" is a user-friendly and interactive game format with no age re-strictions, and one that doesn’t require updates, laborious installation and configuration.

Enteractive is already busy developing further innovative electronic games on HD DVD and Blu-ray that can be played on standard HD DVD and Blu-ray players, on XBOX 360HD and Playstation 3, and on high-end com-puters.

Hans D. Henseleit, CEO of Enteractive GmbH, says, "The new High-Definition Formats provide much more than a crystal clear video screen. In our game development, we are particularly attracted to the interactive potential of the HD DVD and Blu-ray player respectively. We already have more games in development and are delighted to play a pioneering role in this new market segment."

At this year's IFA ("Internationale Funkausstellung"; Con-sumer Electronics Show) in Berlin from August 31 to Sep-tember 5, Enteractive will present "Sudokia" for the first time at the HD DVD Promotion Group in hall 21A.

Look for more information about the game at www.sudokia.com

About Enteractive:
Founded in June 2000, Enteractive has evolved into one of the leading DVD pre-mastering studios in Europe, carry-ing out more than 500 DVD projects every year for interna-tional clients.
Besides DVD pre-mastering with digital postproduction and creative service (menu design and animation), the Enteractive team provides an entire range of services, such as VOD coding, replication and global data commu-nication via Global Satellite System as well as software development and consulting services for all aspects of interactive digital film.

Enteractive is an 85 percent subsidiary of Splendid Me-dien AG, Cologne. The remaining 15 percent is held by the managing director of Enteractive GmbH, Hans D. Henseleit.

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