Splendid Medien AG: Impressive New Documentaries at Polyband

Press release - August 28, 2007

(Munich – 28.08.2007) – Starting next year, Polyband will distribute to German cinemas two poetically and impressively directed films telling moving stories from the world of oceanography. Polyband Medien GmbH, Munich/Dornach, 100% subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG, Cologne, has purchased the German language rights to the top feature films "Sharkwater" and "Turtle’s Song".

"Turtle’s Song" tells the tale of a small sea turtle which, having just hatched, sets off on the path of its ancestors and in the process experiences the most unusual voyages ever documented in the wild. Born on Florida's Golf coast, it travels with the Golf Stream into the cold north before it swims across the whole of the North Atlantic towards Africa and returns to the coast where it was born. Along the way it meets a large number of other ocean-dwelling creatures who impede its journey. Nobody would bet on its chances of successfully travelling this long and difficult route, for only one out of a thousand turtles survives this journey…“Turtle’s Song“ is the new documentary film of the wildlife specialist and Emmy award winner Nick Stringer, who has already worked for National Geographic and Channel 4. The film is currently still in production.

They have survived for 450 million years, they control two thirds of our planet and number among the world's largest predatory animals - but they are anything but our enemies. "Sharkwater" - the film's message is clear: "Save the sharks from being hunted down and exterminated, because as they die out, so does life in our oceans." Rob Steward, who has won many awards for his outstanding documentaries, has captured in impressive images the life of sharks under water and the dangers which these fascinating creatures are exposed to by people. He effectively disposes of the traditional image of the monsters from the deep who feed on people and appeals for empathy for a creature without which the world would not be the same. "If you did not feel attracted to sharks before the seeing this film, you definitely will afterwards.“ That is just a sample of how Canadian and American film critics have fallen over themselves with enthusiasm for this outstanding film. The German premiere for "Sharkwater" is planned for spring 2008.

If you aren't enamoured of sharks before you see Sharkwater, you will be after.
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For over 25 years, the name Polyband has exemplified successful marketing of video and DVD programmes in entertainment, children's and animated films. In previous years Polyband has established a place for itself in the field of documentaries and special interest films. Polyband cooperates with Discovery Channel, BBC, ORF, the ProSiebenSat1 Group and other German and European TV corporations. Since August 2000 Polyband has been a 100% subsidiary of Splendid Medien AG.
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