Splendid Medien AG: WVG Medien and Galileo Medien agree on sales collaboration

Press release - December 06, 2007

(Hamburg/Potsdam – 06.12.2007) – WVG Medien, the Hamburg subsidiary of Splendid, will take over nationwide sales of new releases from Galileo Medien AG, Postdam, from January 2008. Galileo Medien will continue to operate its rental activities itself.

One product available at the start of the collaboration will be the DVD release of “Final Cut” – a thriller with an A-list cast including Jude Law, Ray Winstone and Sadie Frost. Other titles which WVG is set to market for Galileo include the British gangster thriller “Johnny Was” starring Vinnie Jones, Patrick Bergin, former boxing champion Lennox Lewis and The Who front man Roger Daltrey, as well as an adaptation of the bestselling horror novel “Evil” by Jack Ketchum, which will be released as “Jack Ketchum’s Evil” in early 2008.

The agreement will form the basis of a long-term, successful partnership between the two companies.

Galileo Medien AG has developed into a well-established, strong independent DVD label with an extensive DVD catalogue in the course of its seven-year history. With approx. 40 releases per year, from film classics to top-quality new feature film releases, Galileo's range of products will complement WVG's selection perfectly.

WVG Medien is one of the leading DVD suppliers in German-speaking countries. Besides its own ranges of products, WVG sells DVD titles for roughly 30 different partners, including National Geographic, Time Life, Splendid and Polyband.

“We have no doubts that the well-established and well-developed sales structures of WVG will enable our strong trade distribution to grow even further and are looking forward to a very successful collaboration,” said Martin Irnich, Chief Executive of Galileo Medien AG.

Alexander Welzhofer, Managing Director of WVG Medien GmbH, added: “In Galileo, we have succeeded in bringing a strong partner on board which will boost our sales-based bundling of independent labels. We hope that our sales collaboration will form the basis of a more extensive partnership in many different areas.”

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