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(…) Film Franchise ‘Misfit’ for Spanish-speaking Markets

Published May 4, 2020
press review: Variety

2bOriginals (…) is teaming (…) to produce hit film franchise ‘Misfit’ for Spanish-speaking markets. (…)2bOriginals acquiring the rights to develop “Misfit” in different territories. (…)

Targeting 7-14 girls and originally developed, packaged and produced by NewBe and Germany’s Splendid Film, with a view to creating an international film franchise, the original 2017 “Misfit” movie starred Djamila, the most popular female YouTuber in the Netherlands, as Julia, who moves back from the U.S., where she was the most popular girl at high-school, to the Netherland. (…) “Misfit” and late 2019’s “Misfit 2,” (…) – were box office hits in the Netherlands and have spawned remake hits in Germany and Poland. It will soon be the most remade Dutch movie ever.


The ‘Misfit’ franchise is a great fit for some of our young, Spanish-speaking digitally native audience ,” explains Bastian Manintveld, chairman of 2b. (…) the remake will be a feel-good comedy with some of the best elements from the EnchufeTV cast and talent  mixed with some of the biggest influencers from across Latin America.

(…) “Misfit’s” Latin American version will “take a generation of Latinos who have spent their whole lives in the U.S., and bring them back to their parents’ countries of origin, to find their own culture and re-discover themselves in a fun-comedic way.”

Based in Cologne, Splendid Film purchases films on the global market and markets them across the entire value-added chain, mainly in German-speaking regions and Benelux countries.