press release
"Liefde Zonder Grenzen" breaks the mark of 100,000 cinema viewers in the Netherlands

Published Nov 5, 2021

(Cologne/Amsterdam, 5. November 2021) – The romantic comedy "Liefde Zonder Grenzen" (Start in Cinemas: 14.10.2021), a co-production of Splendid Film GmbH and distributed by the Dutch subsidiary Splendid Film B.V., has now also exceeded the visitor‘s mark of 100,000 in Dutch cinemas. The Splendid Group is thus happy to report another film after the family comedy "De Nog Grotere Slijmfilm (De Grote Slijmfilm 2", theatrical release from July 2021), which receives the "Gouden Film Award" this year. With this prestigious award, the Dutch Film Festival (with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund, among others) honours Dutch films that have sold more than 100,000 cinema tickets.


"Liefde Zonder Grenzen" (translated: "Love without Borders") - The love life of sisters Eva (Yolanthe Cabau) and Lieke, brother Maarten (Jim Bakkum) and father Ferry is completely different and anything but standard. And yet, despite all prejudices, love prevails... “Liefde Zonder Grenzen” is a refreshing romantic comedy that celebrates love and life!