press release according to MAR / WpHG
splendid medien AG: Publication of material transactions with related parties pursuant to Section 111c AktG with the aim of Europe-wide distribution

Published Dec 20, 2023, 05:17 PM

Cologne, December 20, 2023 - Mr. Andreas R. Klein, as majority shareholder of Splendid Medien AG (WKN 727950, ISIN DE0007279507) and member of the Executive Board, is a related party within the meaning of § 111a AktG. The long-standing rental agreement between Splendid Synchron GmbH and Mr. Albert Klein, the father of Mr. Andreas Klein, has been transferred by law to Mr. Andreas Klein and his children, as they have become the owners of the property. The rent amounts to EUR 127,000 p.a. including ancillary costs.

The consultancy agreement with Mr. Andreas Klein, on the basis of which consultancy fees of EUR 352,000 including ancillary costs were paid to Mr. Andreas Klein in the 2023 financial year, was terminated upon his appointment to the Executive Board.