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Start of shooting for "De Allergrootste Slijmfilm"

Published Feb 24, 2022

(Cologne/Amsterdam, 24. February 2022) – The successful Slijm films get a third part: the very latest, largest and most adventurous part of the film series! Last week, the shooting of "De Allergrootste Slijmfilm (De Grote Slijmfilm 3)" began in Emmen, the Netherlands.

The leading role in the family comedy is once again played by dutch YouTube star Bibi, known for many vlogs, DIY and slime videos. Other roles include actors from the previous parts as well as the well-known Dutch actress Yolanthe Cabau (Liefde zonder Grenzen) in the role of Indy's mother. As in the second part, the film is directed by Martijn Smits.

To the plot: Something terrible has happened - An important slime ingredient is running out and the world runs the risk of making slime production impossible! Slime creator Indy (Bibi) goes in search of the origin of the slimy ingredient. Together with her old and new slime friends, she travels the world and discovers a great secret. Will Indy manage to recover the slime ingredient and save slime production?

The realization of "De Allergrootste Slijmfilm" takes place again with the Dutch production partner NewBe as well as with funding from the Dutch Film Fund. The first two parts of the "Slijmfilm" series were the most visited Dutch children's films of 2020 and 2021 in the Dutch cinemas, with a total of more than half a million moviegoers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Splendid Film B.V. will release "De Allergrootste Slijmfilm" in Dutch and Belgian cinemas from July 2022. The first two parts of the Slijmfilm series can now be seen on Netflix.

More information about the film is available via the YouTube, Instagram & TikTok channels of "De Allergrootste Slijmfilm".

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