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Successful launch of Splendid co-productions in cinema and streaming / MISFIT franchise launched in Latin America

Published Oct 21, 2021
• Co-production "Liefde Zonder Grenzen" launched in Dutch cinemas
• Start of MISFIT series on Netflix
• MISFIT Franchise: Theatrical release in several Latin American countries

(Cologne/Amsterdam, 21.10.2021) – Last week, the Splendid co-productions "Liefde Zonder Grenzen" and the first season of the "MISFIT" series started to be shown in cinemas and on Netflix. "Liefde Zonder Grenzen" placed in Dutch cinemas directly behind the blockbusters "James Bond: No Time to Die" and "Dune" at number 3 in the cinema charts. "MISFIT: De Serie" started worldwide as a Netflix original in the first season with 8 episodes of 22 minutes each and currently holds the number 1 position in the Kids section and is #3 overall in the Netherlands. Also last week, the Latin American adaptation of the MISFIT cinema hit was released simultaneously in cinemas in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua will follow next week. Splendid participates here as a licensor.

"Liefde Zonder Grenzen" (translated: "Love without Borders") - The love life of sisters Eva (Yolanthe Cabau) and Lieke, brother Maarten (Jim Bakkum) and father Ferry is completely different and anything but standard. And yet, despite all prejudices, love prevails... The co-production with our Dutch production partner NewBe is a refreshing romantic comedy that celebrates love and life!Trailer (Dutch)

MISFIT: De Serie - Julia (Djamila) and her friends are working on a cool musical with their own music and choreography. In the middle of their preparations, the new headmistress Agnes bursts and forbids them to continue. Her motto is: discipline, good grades and a lot of learning work – and that is not compatible with the work on the musical.But Agnes did not count on Julia's determination. Will the friends manage to perform their dream musical and reclaim "their" school? The co-production with our Dutch production partner NewBe also features the proven and popular cast of Djamila and Niek Roozen in the series version.The nationwide Netflix campaign of the series included a premiere at the Cinekid festival and a Misfit experience Tiktok Museum where fans can make pictures and tiktoks on several locations in The Netherlands. Netflix-Trailer (German)

MISFIT franchise in South America: The main character of Julia is performed by Mexican actress Alicia Jaziz, who joins the other cast members from several South American countries with a huge fanbase on social media (63 million followers in total). MISFIT is the most adapted remake of a Dutch film ever.MISFIT#eresotehaces

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