‘Juf Braaksel en de Magische Ring’ is one of the Splendid Group's most popular local productions in the Netherlands © Splendid

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Successful local productions

‘Juf Braaksel en de Magische Ring’ is one of the Splendid Group's most popular local productions in the Netherlands © Splendid
Published Apr 30, 2024

(Cologne/Amsterdam, 30 April 2024) - For more than four months now, the children's film ‘Juf Braaksel en de Magische Ring’, which Splendid Film produced together with its co-production partner AM Pictures, has enjoyed an enormous audience response. With almost 240,000 admissions to date, the production joins the ranks of the Splendid Group's successful children's films and local productions in the Benelux countries.


The film adaptation of the well-known children's book of the same name by Dutch author Carry Slee continues to delight children and families in the Netherlands. The plot: Lotte and Thijs are happy with their wonderful teacher Miss Evi. However, everything changes dramatically when the sinister Miss Braaksel (Juf Braaksel) becomes headmistress: Birthdays are no longer celebrated, phones and sweets are strictly forbidden and class trips are abolished. The children have to come up with something to get rid of the evil Juf Braaksel! Can Miss Evi's magic ring help them?


‘Alongside our previous franchises “Misfit” and the “Slimefilm” series, Juf Braaksel provides entertainment with familiar faces and local themes for the audience. This is what makes our Dutch co-productions so successful,’ says Thomas Wolff, Managing Director of Splendid Film B.V., which is responsible for marketing the films in the Benelux countries.


‘Since 2016, our Group company Splendid Film B.V. has been a real success story,’ says Andreas R. Klein, CEO of Splendid Medien AG. ‘We see increasing potential in the (co-)production and marketing of our own local film rights, which we want to intensify and further expand.’


Further co-productions with various partners in the Netherlands are planned for 2024. The genre spectrum ranges from another live-action adaptation of the ‘Juf Braaksel’ theme and romantic comedies for young adults to horror films. The local horror film ‘Jimmy’, a co-production with Bloodrave Films, is currently being shot.


Splendid Film B.V., Amsterdam, a Splendid Group company, distributes films for Dutch and Belgian cinemas, for international streaming platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video and for local platforms such as Pathé Thuis. In addition, Splendid Film B.V. focuses on the development, co-production and distribution of Dutch films such as the successful ‘Misfit’ and ‘Slijmfilm’ series, ‘K3 Love Cruise’ and ‘De Dirigent’. In addition to a large selection of local content, Splendid Film B.V. also distributes international Hollywood productions such as the Oscar winner ‘Moonlight’, the horror film sensation ‘Hereditary’ and the war drama ‘Hacksaw Ridge’. The success of ‘Juf Braaksel en de Magische Ring’ will be continued with the production of a second part of the live-action film adaptation, which will be launched later this year.